My wife and I lived in our home for over 18 years. Finally, after waiting for circumstances to align perfectly, we felt the time had come to purchase a new home. We thought naively that a “Realtor was just a Realtor” and just about anyone would work considering we were plenty capable of finding our own home. We quickly learned that there is SO much more to a Realtor than just someone to show property. We quickly discovered that all Realtors are not made equal. We met Dan Adler completely by accident. It was an inadvertent meeting and we quickly felt at ease and comfortable with his no pressure-yet confident style. After another interview, it was apparent that Dan was qualified and had training in ways that other Realtors we had dealt with did not. The particular property we were pursuing was a short sale. Several offers by other buyers had failed to close. Dan expertly negotiated with the other Realtors and sellers, but more importantly, he SUCCESSFULLY NEGOTIATED WITH BANKERS AND LEIN HOLDERS. He closed the deal on our dream home, and mind you, he did it for the same purchase price that several others had failed to complete previously.
Throughout the whole process he never over promised what he could deliver and most importantly, he never under delivered what he promised. One trait that stands out was that every phone call, e-mail, or text by us, was followed up and responded to by him in a timely manner. It has been refreshing to work with a quality person of honesty and integrity. He truly is a professional in whom I don’t hesitate to give my highest recommendation.